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John Hill School is a 4th through 6th grade school that recently upgraded to the Follett Destiny Automation System. This will be the first time, in the history of the school that students will individually have the opportunity to search and explore resources using a database. Having customized lessons on how to navigate their way around will give students more interaction with the collection and control of their reading and research options. The visually appealing Destiny Quest interface is also fun and engaging. To maximize Destiny's impact and effectiveness, I thought it would be helpful, over the course of the school year, to teach monthly lessons (a total of 8 or 9) integrating 1) search skills found in the training guide with 2) monthly classroom themes and/or topics of interest.

Part I
of the lesson will involve learning and practicing Destiny Quest search skills concentrating on books. Part II will extend their searching into Destiny's Web Path Express, affording students easy access to thousands of pre-evaluated websites. It will also be the part of the lesson that connects to their classroom learning.

This entire project will become part of the scope and sequence of a larger K through 6th grade curriculum development project that I will be working on this summer. My goal for designing the monthly Destiny Quest library lessons is to make a significant contribution to the new upcoming curriculum development project. Success will be gauged by Destiny Quest circulation statistics, Web Path Express statistics, (that are reports generated by the system) and teacher and student satisfaction as indicated by future surveys.


My needs assessment consists of two-parts; the first part addresses Part I of the monthly lesson and the second part addresses Part II. In the first part, I reviewed the Library Manager/Participant Guide Manual and extracted the skills that students should learn and practice over the course of the year.

Destiny Quest Training Manual

Click here, Skills from Training Manual to see the skills that I gleaned from the manual that will be incorporated into monthly lessons.

Part II of my needs assessment is a survey soliciting teachers ideas for monthly theme and/or topics for which they would like me to integrate into the monthly lesson. The survey design can be seen below. I used Survey Monkey to create and distribute this survey to approximately 20 teachers.

Survey Monkey

Survey Monkey

As the survey is still open, the collection and analysis is incomplete. However, the following link contains preliminary suggestions based on the data that I have collected to date: Suggested Monthly Themes. I will keep the survey open for another month or two, reminding teachers to complete it if they have a chance.


The demo consists of the supporting materials listed below. The first monthly lesson will start with the motivational video to help peak students interest. Each month students will work in the computer lab with a partner on completing the different lessons. Each two-part lesson is designed to last approximately 35 minutes. As a self-assessment, they will review, Screencast of Part I. Then, they will be introduced to part II by watching Screencast for Part II. After viewing this, they will complete the assignment as described in Part II of their handout.
1) A Motivational Video - shown at the beginning of the class while students are logging on.
2) the Destiny Quest Sample Monthly Lesson for April
3) the Screencast of Part I - This can be used at end of class as a self-assessment.
4) the Screencast for Part II - This can be used before the lesson as an instructional aid.


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